Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is a fun and easy way for both adults and kids to feel healthy and happy. Yoga classes encourage both physical fitness and a connection with the natural world while emphasizing kindness, compassion, and reflection. Yoga will help you build strength, stretch your muscles, and learn easy ways to quiet your mind and manage stress. During each class, new age-appropriate yoga poses and breathing techniques will be introduced, and students will be invited to explore and learn in an active, fun, safe and playful way. Yoga welcomes all body shapes, sizes, ages and perspectives and is non-competitive. It is also easy to practice at home, school, or anywhere you happen to be – alone or with a friend!

Will adults participate in these classes, too?

Yes! All classes are designed for families to enjoy together. As a mom myself, I know it can be hard to find a chance to spend quality time. I wanted to create unique classes that give you that opportunity. Being able to unplug, explore, and create together can be an unparalleled bonding experience.

When you say “family,” what do you mean?

Kids and the adults who care about them. 🙂

When you say “all ages and abilities welcome” do you really mean that?

Yes! I am committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment for all students. Please feel welcome to contact me to discuss your child’s unique needs.

Are you available to teach yoga and/or art classes in schools and other settings?

Yes! Please get in touch for more info! Age-appropriate, nature-themed yoga and/or art classes for toddlers to teenagers are available for schools and other learning environments across the Niagara Region. These can be structured as student-focused classes offered before or after school or during the school day, and/or as a “Family Yoga Club” offered after school or on a weekend.

How long is each class?

Most yoga-focused classes are 45 minutes long. However, some class types are longer. The typical class length and session length for each class type is detailed on the classes page. Longer or shorter classes/sessions are available by request.

Do all classes include both yoga and art?

No. Some classes are specifically focused on yoga, some are specifically focused on art, and some combine both! The specific activities featured in each class type are detailed on the classes page. I am always open to custom class requests, though, so if you have an idea for a yoga and/or art class you’d love to bring to your school or other setting, let me know and we’ll design something truly unique!

Is this class for me? I’m not flexible! I can’t draw! Why would I take a yoga or art class?

All classes are designed to be non-competitive, engaging and accessible for all learners. Yoga and art are both referred to as “practices” rather than “perfects” for a reason. Everyone is creative. Everyone can draw. And yoga isn’t about achieving perfect posture or being the most flexible student in the class – it’s about learning valuable tools that you can use to stretch your body and calm your mind anywhere, anytime, both now and in the future. So… let’s learn new things, make mistakes, and do our best… together!

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Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

No! If you have a yoga mat you are welcome to bring it, but I will have enough mats for everyone to use during each class.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

No! Come as you are! For classes that include yoga, bring a bottle of water and wear any clothes that are comfortable to move in.

What if my toddler/child/teen doesn’t follow along or pay attention during the yoga class?

That’s okay! I really, truly won’t mind at all. Yoga is all about practice, and all wiggles are welcome. I don’t expect your child (or you!) to do exactly as I do, sit still and silent, or follow all of the poses. I want yoga class to be fun and beneficial for everyone, from infants to great grandparents. Sometimes when kids seem like they aren’t paying attention, they’re really taking it all in at their own pace. You might be surprised when your 3 year old suddenly busts out a perfect bow pose after weeks of seemingly not paying attention! Thank you for practicing with me!

What if my baby needs a diaper change or gets hungry during a baby yoga class?

Baby yoga classes are designed to be relaxed and very baby (and parent) friendly! You are welcome to soothe, feed or change your baby during class.

Are private or small group classes available?

Yes! Please get in touch for more info!

Do you teach outdoor classes, too?

Yes! Please get in touch for more info!